Personal selling

  1. List the seven steps of a sale.
  2. Name three methods used to determine customer needs.

Chapter 14

  1. What is the goal of the product presentation?
  2. Which products and how many of them should be shown for the presentation?
  3. Give some guidelines for what to say during the product presentation.
  4. Describe four techniques that will make the product presentation lively and effective.
  5. Distinguish between objections and excuses.
  6. Why should you welcome objections in the sales process?
  7. Name the five buying decisions upon which common objections are based.
  8. List the four steps involved in the process for handing customer objections.
  9. Name six specific methods for handling objections.

Chapter 15

  1. What are customer buying signals?
  2. When is the right time to close a sale?
  3. Provide examples of each of the types of closing methods: which close, standing room only close, direct close, and service close.
  4. Why is the failure to close not a true failure?
  5. What is suggestion selling and why is it important?
  6. Suggest two rules for suggestion selling.
  7. Identify three methods used for suggestion.
  8. What is relationship marketing and how is it related to the sales process?
  9. Why are after sales activities important – departure, follow-up, and evaluation?