About Us


The mission of Business Professionals of America is to contribute to the preparation of a world-class workforce through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, academic, and technological skills. 

Third Floor BPA is the nickname for Tri Star’s Business Professionals of America, Ohio Region 16,  Chapter 06-0253.   Students from nine local school districts are represented.


“We are met in a spirit of friendship and goodwill as we prepare for productive careers in a world-class workforce. We work together to develop professionalism and leadership through Business Professionals of America and pledge our loyalty to our nation.”

The Emblem

The four points of the BPA shield stand for Ambition, Leadership, Sociability, and Poise. The shield itself stands for honor and dignity and the importance of business in America. The stripes represent education, citizenship, loyalty, patriotism, competency, and dependability. The bar represents the service provided by employees in business occupations. The quill and inkwell represent the stability of business occupations through the ages, and the torch represents worthy goals.

Official Colors

Navy blue signifies the success achieved through leadership and professionalism. Tan represents the bountiful fields of opportunity in America. Red symbolizes the friendship obtained through teamwork in our organization