January 10 – Vintage Office Equipment Display

Seniors take a break to pose for a picture with Mrs. Alig . These voluteers moved the borrowed office equipment from the museum to Tri Star for the Open House display.

Joyce Alig, president of the Mercer County Historical Society, has graciously offered to let Business Professionals of America borrow some of the vintage office equipment from the museum’s collection.   The BPA students will set up a display for the Tri Star Open House, which will be held on Monday January 10, on the third floor of the Ed Complex (585 E. Livingston  Celina).

On Monday,   January 3,  on the first day back to school, BPA volunteers  visited the museum and transported the borrowed  equipment for the temporary display.  The display will feature vintage computers, typewriters, dictaphones,  fountain pens,  and other equipment used in business establishments.  Students will research the history of the items in order to make display placards for each exhibit.

In her next Daily Standard column, Mrs. Alig will be featuring this 1911  photo of the Celina Business School, along with a personal invitation to the public, encouraging them to attend the Open House and see the display.


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